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Autopsy: TRansforming Failure into success

Within 3 years 92% of startups fail.
Learn from their mistakes.

We have gathered and analysed over 2000 failed startups
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“Brilliant! ‘Autopsy lessons from failed startups’- aka ‘Catalog of Future Successful Startups.’ Well done!” 

- Marc Andreessen, Co-founder & GP,
Andreessen Horowitz.


Accepted into the YCombinator Startup School prograM, 2018.

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300 post-mortems later…

We were delighted to partner with Forward Partners, one of the leading early-stage VCs in London to conduct a data analysis on 300 postmortems of startups ranging from Pre-seed to Series A.


A First Look into MENA Region failures

We worked closely with an ex-Reuters journalist to write a co-authored piece for Wamda, the major online publication popular amongst MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Looking into the causes of startup failure in this region and the results were surprising to say the least.


Autopsy for accelerators

Autopsy for accelerators

Additional program materials for your cohorts

Boost your accelerator program’s curriculum by introducing studies on company failure in chosen industries. You can partner with us to become instructors of the Autopsy Academy program, to get access to case studies and program content packages.

Autopsy for investors

Autopsy for Investors

An additional dataseT to enhance decision-making

Don’t shy away from failure data! Partner with us to access an additional dataset to boost investment decision-making. Working with us to review your previously failed portfolio companies to draw insights of common pitfalls to avoid and enhance future investment experiences.