Presenting Autopsy Academy

Welcome to the first online course taking learnings from failed startups & experts in the field of Product, Sales & Marketing and People & Hiring.


Why Autopsy Academy?

Autopsy Academy exists to address the biggest pain points for startups. Learning the lessons from the industries biggest failures.

According to our research, founders felt they lacked mentorship and advice. This contributes to 92% of startups failing, that’s huge.


Autopsy Academy Learning Subscription Package

We’ve designed a learning experience that help your team grow, anticipate, react and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow, armed with the right knowledge.


Program Structure

We know from experience that building a successful company is not simply a question of investing in shiny new software or fancy job titles. Scaling your startup in today’s world requires a fierce commitment to learning, and quickly.

We have chosen topics that have been repeatedly expressed by startups as the toughest to get right.

Topics Covered

The online course will run for 3 months which can be accessed at any time. Topics covered are Product, Sales & Marketing and People & Hiring.

Learn From Experts and Failed Founders

Not only is it key to learn from failure case studies and founders but it’s crucial to learn from experts in the field of Product, Sales & Marketing and People & Hiring on how to execute such areas of your business in a practical and sustainable manner.

The goal of Autopsy Academy is to unearth insights from people who have been there done that, hence why we have partnered with some of the best in the industry.

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